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Constructive Dispute Resolution UK

Helping organisations, teams and individuals settle disputes at work quickly and find constructive and lasting ways through conflict.

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Constructive Dispute Resolution UK works with organisations to deal with conflict in the workplace. We offer mediation and conflict coaching to grow harmonious, productive and creative teams. We are based in Bristol but work across the country. Our preference will always be to work face to face, but we're happy to work online too. 

Why consider mediation or conflict coaching?

  • It's quick and cost effective

  • It works! 75% of cases reach resolution (ACAS 2021)

  • Mediation or conflict coaching can repair and strengthen relationships

  • It supports the emotional health of everyone involved

  • It demonstrates you're willing to invest in your team's well-being

  • It outsources problem solving to people with specialist conflict resolution skills. 

Mediation or conflict coaching could be right for your organisation if:

  • relationships need rebuilding after a complaint or grievance has been made

  • Communication between team members has broken down

  • Trust between a manager and team member has been harmed

  • You have a high turn over of staff 

  • Your time and resources are being pulled away from other work to respond to complaints

  • And many more...

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