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Susan Hammond is the founder and principal mediator for Constructive Dispute Resolution UK. Her background is within the Civil Service and as a manager for a higher education charity. As a fully-trained and accredited mediator, she has seen the anguish and stress caused by conflict and understands how the impacts can ripple through the whole team.

Susan Hammond workplace mediator Constructive Dispute Resolution UK

Susan started mediating in 2018 working as an in-house mediator at a university, helping student groups to resolve disputes; work which often encompassed mental health, neuro-diversity and diversity, equality and inclusion issues. Since setting up Constructive Dispute Resolution UK in 2022 Susan has been mediating in workplaces helping employees settle conflicts within or between teams. She is also a freelance mediator for a community mediation charity helping home-owners and tenants work through disputes with their neighbours. 

Susan's calm approach puts people at their ease and takes the emotional heat out of a situation. Her ability to compassionately ask searching questions quickly establishes trust and uncovers the real interests at the heart of the dispute. 

Susan is a Registered Mediator with the Civil Mediation Council for civil/commercial and workplace mediation. 

Constructive Dispute Resolution UK is fully insured and operates within the standards of the European Code of Conduct for Mediators.

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