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Is conflict in your team causing stress and disruption? Are you concerned about productivity, retention or well-being because of disputes within teams? Mediation offers an effective approach to resolving conflicts.

Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process where a neutral mediator facilitates a conversation between people in conflict. The mediator guides the conversation, allowing people to express their concerns, explore options and work towards a mutually agreeable solution. 


Cost Effective

Mediation is quick and cost effective. It avoids the need for formal grievance or disciplinary proceedings, saving time for those directly involved, and their managers. It can reduce lost hours through sickness or poor performance and ultimately retain staff.



Mediation empowers the participants to find a resolution that works for them. Because it sits outside formal employee-relations procedures it is flexible and adaptable to the individuals' needs and those of their organisation. 



Mediation provides a confidential environment which encourages open and respectful discussion. Parties can express concerns, listen to each other and rebuild trust. 



Mediation focuses on finding win-win solutions. The mediator will help identify shared interests and explore creative options that meet the needs of everyone involved. 



Mediation is likely to be successful! 75% of workplace mediation cases reach agreement on the day (ACAS, 2021)

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