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Are you, or one of your team facing ongoing work-relationship challenges? Perhaps there’s a general friction between colleagues, or you want to rebuild trust with a colleague? Maybe you have a new manager who is struggling to have a difficult conversation with one of their team, or perhaps mediation has been suggested but for one party it seems too daunting?  Whatever the circumstances, where it seems impossible to mend work relationships, conflict coaching can help.



Gain greater understanding of the issues at hand. Explore different perspectives and uncover underlying concerns.



Develop a deeper understanding of your own triggers, communication styles and conflict patterns


Communication Skills:

Gain knowledge and practical techniques to express your thoughts and emotions constructively, fostering open dialogue and reducing misunderstandings.


Explore Solutions:

Explore and practice different ways of approaching situations and assess which are most likely to be successful. Create your own toolkit for approaching challenging situations.



Conflict can be emotionally draining. Understand your own needs during a conflict so that you can handle it with composure and grace.

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