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Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process that helps settle disputes between colleagues and team members. The mediator is impartial and, rather than imposing a judgement on past events, helps people find ways forward that work for everyone. 

What we offer

  • Half-day initial meetings with each participant 

  • Full-day joint mediation session 

  • Written agreement - captured and circulated to each participant

  • Follow up call to each participant

  • Follow up session, if required

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching is a great resource to help people understand and tackle friction with colleagues. Coaching helps develop self-awareness, communication skills and provides a supportive environment to test different approaches.

What we offer

  • Initial no-obligation consultation

  • Up to five x 1-hour coaching sessions (Phone, face to face or online)

  • Resource pack

  • 1-hour follow up session, if required

We'll take care of everything

  • All relevant communication with participants from referral to case closure

  • Regular progress updates to the referrer

  • Support to promote mediation and its benefits throughout the organisation.

  • ​One-off or custom-made packages to meet your requirements.

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